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Estate & Trust Settlement

Estate and Trust Settlement

When a loved one dies, we can assist you in settling their estate efficiently and quickly. Our firm has experienced attorneys and paralegals who handle these matters routinely, and therefore, get the work done without delay while providing excellent communication with our clients.

Trust Administration

We have experience handling all phases of trust administration, including drafting new trusts, assisting with the funding of new trusts and guiding a new trustee with detailed directions on their responsibilities as Trustee.  We also have extensive experience in administering Trusts, including the preparation of Court pleadings to appoint a successor Trustee, the preparation and filing of annual fiduciary income tax returns, the preparation of intermediate and final Accountings and the final settlement and distribution of Trusts.

We guide our clients through every stage of the settlement process with detailed instructions and explanations. Whether the estate is large or small, our staff has the experience to handle it efficiently for you.

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