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Estate Planning

Estate Planning, Wills and Living Trusts

If you are concerned about providing for your loved ones after your death, call us to schedule an appointment to discuss preparing a Will or setting up a trust to meet the needs of your family after you pass away. We'll explain the probate process and help you understand whether your estate plan can be structured to minimize or eliminate probate. Additionally, you need to protect your finances during your lifetime by having a properly prepared and executed power of attorney, as well as a living will and health care proxy and HIPAA authorization. We make the process easy and complete our services quickly.

Estate Planning Attorneys

Our estate planning services include counseling our clients on the proper type of Will or Trust.  We customize your plan to meet your particular needs and concerns so that your loved ones are protected after your death and the settlement process is easy and uncomplicated whenever possible. Additionally, we provide tax advice so that your estate will not pay any unnecessary estate taxes.  We also make sure that our clients are protected during their lifetimes by preparing a living will and health care proxy, power of attorney and health information authorization.

Whether your estate is big or small, our attorneys are experienced in all areas of estate planning and estate taxation. We will assist you in developing an estate plan that addresses and resolves your specific concerns and needs.

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