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Business Law

Business Legal Services

Own a small business or thinking of starting a business? If you need to form a corporation, limited liability company (LLC), limited liability partnership (LLP), call us as we handle these matters routinely and quickly. Additionally, we advise small businesses on many types of business matters, such as employment agreements, shareholder agreements, contracts, business succession and buying and selling of a business. If our clients have an issue outside of our areas of practice, we assist them in finding appropriate legal counsel. We always work with your accountant to coordinate our efforts to give you the services you need.

Business/Entity Formation

If you are starting a business, our firm can help you select of the appropriate form of entity, including sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation or limited liability company. Then we will prepare the legal documents necessary to form the legal entity and manage your business. Once your business is formed, we stay in touch with our clients on an annual basis to make sure their organizational documents stay in compliance with banking requirements and governmental audits. 

Small Business Lawyers

We represent business owners in handling routine business matters, including employment issues, operational matters and succession planning. We routinely prepare employment agreements, independent contractor agreements, sales contracts and other business agreements.

Additionally, we represent small business owners and individuals who are selling or purchasing a business and will work with our client's accountant to negotiate the best terms. We prepare the agreement for sale or purchase, negotiate the contract and assist with closing on bank financing for those clients purchasing a business.

Our firm also prepares organizational agreements, including shareholder agreements, buy-sell agreements, operating agreements and partnership agreements. The purpose of these documents is to minimize disputes among business owners and provide a smooth transition in the event of the death, withdrawal or dispute among owners.

We also offer an annual service to keep the organizational documents current by preparing annual minutes for our clients.

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